Scientific Research
Project Management

Our cloud platform is designed to successfully manage research and development departments and contract research organizations.

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Cloud Platform Solutions

The GoLIMS platform is built with state-of-the-art technology to optimize data capture, organization, collaboration, and querying thus turning your information into meaningful business analytics. Our cloud technology solutions enable our clients to enjoy a speedy implementation and save money in related hardware and IT costs.

Whether you are responsible for global operations, coordinate multiple sites or manage an internal team, our cloud based architecture can accommodate any variety of workflows and organizational structures.

The GoLIMS Platform has been successfully implemented and adopted in a variety of industry segments, including: Animal Health and Nutrition, Contract Research Organizations, Crop Science, Biofuels, and Research & Development Departments.

GoLIMS Industries Served

GoLIMS cloud platform is designed to successfully manage complete research and development operations and contract research organizations. The GoLIMS platform includes project management, electronic notebooking, document management, and data analytics. Our platform keeps your data centralized, accessible, and secure in order to generate better business intelligence.

Agricultural Science

Enterprise solution for global R&D operations. Manage your entire research organization through one central platform. From researcher to management, all data is centrally housed and easy to find.

Contract Research Organizations

Platform to organize client projects for discovery research, sample testing and analysis, inventory tracking, resource management, and reporting. All inclusive platform facilitates certification of GLPs.

Key Features

The GoLIMS platform allows clients to focus on their business objectives rather than their technology solution. In combining the following functionality, GoLIMS provides a robust system to manage and organize your operation.

Centralize your research to make important data easily accessible and control who has access. Track key metrics, documents, and tasks.

Contextually organize all related documents, regardless of file type. No more storing files in random folders not knowing their importance.

Insert graphs, images, and results information directly. Reference important data on a per user basis. Digitize your research information.

Communicate more efficiently by utilizing our in-app message and notification systems to keep all communication centralized and contextualized

Allow for the request and creation of new projects. Whether you receive requests from external collaborators or from internal team members, you can now standardize the intake of data.

All important data is collected and can be analyzed. Create custom administrative metrics to see how your team is performing and comparatively view this data.

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