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If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called researchAlbert Einstein

Advancing Organization and Collaboration for Research & Development

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  • Collaboration

    Built on cloud technology, GoLIMS provides a standardized organizational structure and data entry format. Whether you manage a corporate R&D team, oversee an academic department, or manage your own lab, GoLIMS can bring collaboration to the forefront of your research.

    GoLIMS Accessible Anywhere

  • Security

    No software to install or update. No hardware to maintain. GoLIMS is securely housed on redundant servers, so your data will always remain safeguarded against unforeseen events. Providing share options to maintain internal and external data control and allowing secure access from anywhere.

    GoLIMS Research Infrastructure

  • Traceability

    GoLIMS is fully compliant with multiple government regulations, including FDA and HIPAA. We ensure your data remains safe and fully auditable for years to come. Providing you with the knowledge of who did what and when, GoLIMS takes the guesswork out of research management.

    GoLIMS Ease of Use

  • Managing Corporate R&D?
    Perform traceable and compliant research while streamlining data capture, eliminating data silos and facilitating collaboration and information sharing.
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  • Coordinating Research Projects?
    Keep multiple grants, projects, experiments, and research workflow organized while maintaining control over user access and updates.
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